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Written by fnecomau   
Saturday, 15 March 2014 05:12

FNE Enterpises specialises in SmartPhone Apps for active outdoor activities especially Orienteering and Hiking.

The most popular App is MyOMaps for Android devices.

MyOMaps lets you load your Orienteering Map and Course into a SmartPhone and use the GPS capability of the device to:

- "punch" when you get to a control site,

- record your track, and

- create a results (split) file.

It also lets you create a geo-referenced map from a photo or image fine to use as your orienteering map.



MyOMaps PDF Print E-mail
Written by fnecomau   
Saturday, 15 March 2014 05:53

OMaps is a SmartPhone App that offers new options for Orienteering.


MyOMaps is useful to mappers, course planners, event organisers placing controls in the forest and of course Orienteers...


Take the latest version of your map with you into the field and know where you are on the map. You can even use a tablet device to see a large screen view. Record tracks and mark features to assist with your mapping.

Course Planners

During your field visits, track your position in real time on your O-Map. Be absolutely confident you are at the right location, and confirm the accuracy of the map.

Control Placement

Track your position on the map and be sure you have the controls in the right places when you put them out.


Training – Set your own course – The App will alert you when you get to the control site – without there needing to be a physical control at the site. Run the same course multiple times and compare route choices.

GPS Orienteering Events – Participate in events using GPS rather than Flags and SI units to mark locations and record splits.

Permanent Courses – Download a permanent course and run it with the App to record your splits - Be the best!

Spectators/Parents – Track your runner/child in real-time with the tracking option (future release).



There are many ways to use MyOMaps. Following is a list of its key functions:

GPS Functions

  • Records your track; time; pace
  • Charts your pace, distance and elevation
  • For training purposes - gives audio announcements of your distance and pace at intervals you can set
  • Can drop a pin at the current location
  • Exports tracks and pins in GPX, KML, CSV, TCX formats

Map Functions

  • Imports Orienteering Maps from OCAD (Geo-referenced Map from OCAD 10 or 11) in KMZ format
  • Imports other KMZ format maps
  • Controls the transparency of the map to see through to the Google Map for easy cross-checking of map accuracy
  • Creates your own geo-referenced map easily in two steps:

1. Obtain an image of the map:

Take a photo of a map with your SmartPhone (for example the O-Map (and course) you have just run

Or use a jpg file version of a map from the web or your PC

2. Position/Rotate/Scale the image to Georeference it as a map in the App by dropping a pin on two easily identifiable points on the image of the map and dropping corresponding pins on the two corresponding locations on the Google Map. Save the map as a KMZ for future use.


Orienteering Course Functions

  • Import a course file from OCAD or other system (eg Corpse) in IOF XML format
  • Display the course on the map


Event Functions


Run the selected course using the following functions:

  • The timer starts automatically at the Start Triangle and Stops at the finish
  • The smartphone Beeps and vibrates when at each control location (no flag or SI unit required)
  • MyOMaps records split times
  • MyOMaps allows the runner to “Manual Punch” if the GPS signal does not indicate proximity to the control yet the runner believes they are at the control site.


Run either a hybrid or fully-digital Orienteering training or competitive event:

  • Paper map or electronic map;
  • Electronic maps that do not show your current location or track during the event (Future feature)
  • Physical controls on site or just digital locations;
  • SI for recording controls visited and split times or using the GPS and recorded time

Run a conventional course, a scatter event or a score event (Score events are a future feature).

Record your track as per GPS functions above.

Results Functions

Display your splits and GPS track on the SmartPhone

Create a results file in OE format for uploading into Orienteering Results systems

Tracking Functions

Track runners in real-time with a matching spectator App

This is a future feature and relies up there being mobile phone coverage of the course

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Written by fnecomau   
Saturday, 15 March 2014 06:10

Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it